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Serving New Thought has been supporting your New Thought Center since 1992 with a wonderful and growing set of New Thought Resources which enable you to be more, do more and have more success!

Prosperity Resources are resources which have been developed to express our gratitude to those wonderful Ministries which support the work we do supporting you with regular tithes.

These Resources support ministry growth and more.

Ministries that cannot afford to contribute can send annual "letters of need" to get hosting and additional resources.

Serving New Thought

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to leap to those resources. provides a way for Seekers to check in with Sharers on a regular basis getting a wonderful boost through their daily insights and affirmations.

Prosperity Ministers around the world are discovering the power of this wonderful resource to support the growth of their ministries and the journeys of their congregations.

InterfaithWedding enables you to reach thousands of couples who are seeking a minister to get married.

This project enables New Thought Seekers to find caring New Thought Ministers to support their choice in marriage and life partnership.

The website can be customized with your content: pictures & text to provide you with a beautiful website that ensures couples seeking a minister can get their questions answered easily and realize that you are best minister to do their matrimonials with.

interfaith weddings provides New Thought Ministries with a resource to which allows your center to put your talks on line in the form of an mp3 library.

As part of the Conscious Ministry program we provide spiritual leadership with training in the selection of sound equipment, high quality sound editing software which is free!

We allow you to put as many mp3's in your account as you wish! We do not send bills or invoices and ministries that cannot afford to tithe can send an additional annual letter of need to take advantage of this resource.

NewThoughtStreams ~ enables New Thought Centers to place their forms on a separate server from their main website which enhances security. Forms attack are a common means for hackers to take over or hurt websites. We provide this as a means to guard your site against this type of attack.

Over the years we have learned a bit about the web and we share this knowledge with you. Your security is important to you and to us. We teach you how to use proper principles to guard your security and you can share this knowledge with your colleagues, family and friends.



Conscious Ministry

The Conscious Ministry Program supports ministers in their eternal quest to be more, do more and through awareness being able to better support the transformation of world consciousness.

This mentorship and empowerment program encompasses several aspects of modern ministry including awareness of current trends and the application of timeless wisdom to support our communities as well as supporting ministers to stay abreast of evolving technologies which can help them grow their ministries such as how to get free email marketing tools and more....

...including supporting ministries in nurturing existing membership and new membership in our Spiritual Communities through meeting prayer needs and using tools that encourage members to learn New Thought Principles through taking classes at your center.
Do you have the F.A.C.E. of Prosperity?

As we evolve into the New Thought World, Find A Center is growing and changing. it is usually the first place that seekers go to find a New Thought Center. This means your center!

The directory is an Open Source Directory meaning it is a compilation of public information enhanced through ongoing participation. Although submission and updates may be sent in by anyone, respective centers can elect to participate and thereby influence the listing pertaining to their center.

The Question is: What F.A.C.E. are you showing to the world as an expression of your Truth Teachings?

Is your listing a demonstration of the fact that you are a conscious minister "Walking your Talk"? .... Learn more...

What is Your F.A.C.E.?, the world's only Universal New Thought Directory was created to meet a universal need for a comprehensive New Thought Directory with a dynamic solution. The solution is an open source directory which acts as a universal directory for New Thought untainted by any Spiritual Politics. A pure positive news resource which provides a way for seekers to find New Thought centers around the world.

All existing New Thought Centers eventually get into the directory and as long as they exist they will have a charity listing. Conscious Ministries choose prosperity and thus have their contact information as well as the basic information.


New Thought Sharers, Centers and their leadership have discovered they can turn to Serving New Thought and transform bills into voluntary tithes and donations.

Free Hosting for any New Thought Center in the World
Free Templates
Free installation of Drupal, Joomla, Word Press and more.
Free training

All of our work is supported by New Thought Prosperity Centers and conscious Prosperity ministers who send regular tithes and donations.

Their / Your financial gifts are what enable us to do the work that we do supporting you and all of New Thought.

Serving New Thought

Classic Authors & A New Generation of New Thought Teachers

We support all New Thought Sharers and Denominations. When a center or sharer is floundering in Poverty Consciousness, we work with them to insure they grow and are able to bring a new dynamic to their communities.

More and more New Thought Center are saying: "We Choose Prosperity"

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